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Braemar Country Club - Drill Seekers
Have ice chest, will travel...
Braemar Country Club


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Next trip to Mammoth: August 2006

Braemar Countyr Club 4.5 Team

The Drill Seekers are highly competitive in the Women's 4.5 San Fernando Valley USTA League. Our home base is Braemar Country Club in Tarzana, California. Our main objective is to have the best possible time and work hard on our tennis game.  We are always in search of competition. If any team is interested in challenging us, we would love to travel to another club or invite you to ours. Please call PJ Rivera at (818)343-8202.

Drill Seeker Messages
Hello Team,
  • League has started. Be sure to let me know your availability!
    Please RSVP ASAP via email pj@californiatennis.com.
    There's NO sitting down after the first game. Switch sides and keep playing.
    If the score is 6-4, between the first and second set, you can take a 2 minute break.
    You can take a bathroom break ANYTIME!
  • Everyone should own the tennis code book, "Friend of Court"
    Purchase directly from the SCTA for $5.95 Call 310-208-3838.

Thank you   :)

Calendar 2006
  1. Spring League Match Schedule Link

  2. Mammoth Invitational - August 5,6.



2006 Roster - Breamar Country Club

PJ Rivera Marilyn Seligman Suzy Miller
Paula Feigenbaum Gail Elconin Karen Mendelson
Jeannine Isaacs Bridget Thordarson Marcie Werman
Elisabeth Oei Nancy Abrams Laurence Rabe
Julie Eliaser Ellie Harris Julie Perron
Amy Schmidt Caryn Gray  
Julie Juliani Diane Perryman  


Photo Gallery

Rick and Mari Workman - Farewell
These pages require high bandwidth or high patience.
Click on the picture for more photos.

(L to R) Suzy Miller, Mari Workman, Bridget Thordarson, Susan Maleski, Julie Tinius

 Mari Workman and Caryn Gray

Congratulations to Bruce and Nancy Abrams on the birth of their daughter, Taylor Kathryn.  More photos 

Karen Mendelson, Rick Workman (coach),
and  Captain - PJ Rivera


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